Andrew Marc Jackets

Andrew Marc Jackets

Andrew Marc leather jackets and coats are made of only the finest leathers with handcrafted beauty.

Andrew Marc has been representing the rebel in all of us for over 25 years. The Andrew Marc collection includes a combination of luxury materials, innovative engineering and exclusive artisan details distinguishing this brand from all others. Andrew Marc is a true iconic American Brand.


Andrew Marc is a unique fashion company.  As an icon in the industry, Andrew Marc was built on pure quality. The company has built its strong reputation and loyal customer base through providing the best merchandise.  It is the quality that keeps people buying the Andrew Marc brand.

Andrew Marc produces traditional, classic styles through the use of innovation and high quality materials.  This company is best known for their fur and leather bomber jackets.  The company was started in 1981 by Andrew and Suzanne Schwartz in New York City.  Since that time, it has been a company that has been focused on making the best fur and leather goods verses staying on the top of trends.  It is this thinking that actually makes Andrew Marc a company on the forefront and keeps it thriving.

Andrew Marc was purchased by the G-III Apparel Group, Ltd, in February of 2008.  The G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. purchased the company because it was a hot commodity.  Andrews Marc is a strong company that has the ability to continue to grow and expand. 

Within the industry Andrews Marc is a label that is known for keeping style and quality hand in hand.  It has strong brand recognition and keeps moving forward to stay in line with consumer demand.  While the company is not led by style trends, it still manages to lead with new ideas and concepts.  Upscale leather outerwear is defined by Andrews Marc because the company has built such a strong reputation within the industry.

Andrew Marc provides consumers with upscale goods that are truly considered luxury products.  The products produced and sold under the brand have an unmatched quality.  The company does much more than produce jackets, Andrew Marc has lines of handbags and other outerwear that is just as popular as its jackets.

All designing for the brand is done in-house by people who are dedicated to the style and tradition of the Andrew Marc name.  Even marketing is usually done right in New York City where the city becomes almost one with the products and brand, producing that upscale, trendy image for which the company is known.

Andrew Marc is in direct competition with high end manufacturers and brands from Europe.  Competitive pricing and amazing quality make this brand stand out.  It has used its precise focus on excellent craftsmanship and the best materials to help lead the brand to the top.  Whether the product is wool, cloth, leather or fur, if it bears the Andrew Marc name, consumers can be sure it is something worth purchasing.

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