Baggs Handbags

Baggs Handbags

Baggs makes leather handbags that suit any outfit from casual to sophisticated. Functionality is an essential feature of these bags, as are the stylish but simple decorations that will keep you right on-trend.

Women looking for functional, fashionable and sophisticated leather handbags will find exactly what they want from Baggs' fantastic range of beautiful accessories. Perfect for casual wear or more formal occasions, Baggs simple but stylish bags are crafted with quality leathers and minimal decorations.

Baggs leather handbags are just not only fashionable and functional, but also durable, affordable and easy to care for. Each handbag is lined with high-quality fabric that has been designed with interior pockets to hold basic necessities and small electronics. Baggs also shows new colors for every new season, ensuring that your wardrobe is up to date.


Baggs is a leather handbag manufacturer that has been providing the accessories industry with high quality handbags since 2007. Guy and Kathy Pallone, two handbag experts in the industry for over 25 years, founded the Baggs brand name. Their ample experience, high standards and sleek designs have gained them a strong following.

Kathy and Guy's connections in the leather industry have provided them with extensive access to the finest leathers, working with tanneries in Italy to ensure the quality of the raw material. The details on their bags are also sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring the best quality handbags for their customers.

Baggs Leather Handbags produces durable handbags, satisfying customer needs when it comes to wear and tear. Excellent stitching, meticulous attention to detail, and ample time perfecting the art of manufacturing handbags, makes Baggs a brand name with a lot to offer. Each bag is thoughtfully designed and a prototype is perfected before going it enters the production phase.

The cornerstones of Baggs Leather Handbags are classic styling and affordable prices. The designs of Baggs Leather Handbags are simple yet appealing and great to pair with classic outfits. Baggs handbags are meant to bestow the user with the epitome of sophistication. The mission of the brand is to provide customers with timeless designs that look great on the arm of any confident woman, in the city or the countryside.



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