Justin Belts

Justin Belts

Justin Belts are a unique, leather, western style belt with an edge, crafted for both men and women.

Justin Belts are a division of the Justin Boots Company. The Justin Boots Company story began in 1879 when H.J. Justin left Indiana to start a new life in Texas. Justin originally worked as a boot repairman out of his home, while also working at a local barbershop to make money before he began his own shoe repair and boot shop. Justin initially opened H.J. Justin and Sons Company in 1908. Justin and his sons worked hard to grow and develop the business. In just two short years by 1910 boots were being sold in 26 states as well as, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba for $11 a pair. Since 1910 Justin Boots Company has come a long way, in August of 2000 they were purchased by Berkshire Hathaway, managed by Warren Buffet. Justin Boots Company has developed into a company with a lasting tradition of quality and meticulousness making it stronger than ever. Justin Belts is a division of the Justin Boots Company and are designed to match the rocker style in any cowboy or cowgirl. Justin Belts have studded details with fresh images like crosses, hearts, guitars, and stars that give the belt a contemporary twist to the classic leather belt design. Justin Belts are built as tough as they look, with genuine leather and strong buckles and keepers. These belts can be worn for both work and play with the rugged design that looks and feels great for anyone.


Justin Belts are handsomely crafted in top notch quality genuine leather.  Its collection offers a wide range of beautiful designs.  Belts are accented with Detailed Stitchings, Overlays, Metal Studs, Conchos and Rhinestones.  The Belt Buckles, Keepers and Belt Tips are also beautifully crafted to complement the overall design.  Because of its vast selection of styles and colors, seldom a customer purchases just one belt.

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