Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots are handcrafted and the essence of quality in western style and work boots.

Chippewa boots are made of only the finest materials, best construction techniques and the most innovative technology. Since 1901 Chippewa has been handcrafting the finest quality boots for outdoor work and sport wear. Chippewa boots are unquestionably the best boots around.


Chippewa Boots is the maker of a range of high quality boots.  Chippewa makes boots for almost everyone with styles ranging from motorcycle to western.  The high quality standards of this company have made Chippewa one of the top selling boot lines under the Justin Brands, Inc. family.

Chippewa Boots was started in 1901.  The basis of the company rested on the values and commitment to producing a quality and standard of boot that was the best in the industry.  Only the best materials and best construction methods have been used since the 1900s to make Chippewa Boots. 

The first boot produced by Chippewa was a logger boot line.  Just as with every boot line since, these logger boots were made with simple, yet fundamental techniques that made them rugged and functional.  They were made with a triple leather midsole and hand plugged outsole spikes.  These boots played an important role for loggers, helping them as they were rolling logs down the river to the mill.  These boots helped the company to develop their reputation for quality within the industry.  From here the company started to expand their product lines and produce motorcycle, work, western and hiking styles.

Chippewa integrity is a strong part of this company and their products.  Only the best materials go into each boot that is made with innovative technology.  Chippewa has helped set industry standards and a move towards higher quality work and sport footwear.  The company continues to expand their product lines and provide customers with footwear that meet their needs.

Chippewa’s solid commitment to creating the best footwear possible has never wavered.  It is the different way of thinking that sets Chippewa apart from the rest.  When Chippewa creates a product, they do not just make a boot.  Chippewa builds a boot.  Every detail is designed with the customer and usage in mind.  It is a combination of the best materials and construction techniques. 

Even today Chippewa still makes every boot by hand to guarantee the best possible end product.  Quality is never sacrificed for a quick profit and this is one point that makes this company stand apart from the crowd. If something is not right then the boot is not up to standard.  No corners are ever cut which allows Chippewa to produce one of the best boots in the industry. 

With a century long history, Chippewa knows what they are doing.  Every boot made by Chippewa has the company standing behind it.  Every boot bearing the Chippewa name will stand up to the goals and mission of the company.  There are no exceptions and no boot will be sold under the Chippewa name without meeting the exceedingly high standards the company has set for its products.

Chippewa boots are made for everyone, everywhere.  Women and men both can enjoy Chippewa boots.  The boots are made with an easy conversion so women can enjoy the comfort and style, too.  Being the standard for quality in both western and work boot styles, it is no wonder everyone wants to wear Chippewa Boots.

Chippewa Boots are all about spirit.  They are about the spirit of this historic company.  They are about the spirit of using materials and techniques to create superior boots.  They are about the spirit of the outdoors.  Chippewa is a company that stands behind their product because they know they can say, without a doubt, that they produce boots that will take you on your next adventure, get you through a work day or move you where you need to go.  The slogan of the company says it all: Rugged as the land they walk, Chippewa. Live the Spirit.

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