Dan Post Boots

Dan Post Boots

Dan Post Boots are comfortable, durable and made to last. Dan Post boots are the essence of quality.

Since the 1960's Dan Post boots have been the boot of choice for folks looking for comfortable western wear. Dan Post was the innovator in the western boot industry to incorporate built-in comfort in every pair. The comfort trend started over 20 years ago and continues today as Dan Post searches for materials that make our boots more comfortable.


Dan Post Boots is a leader in selling footwear that is true to the western tradition.  This company knows that consumer expect a high quality products and will settle for nothing less when it comes to boots.  That is why all the lines of Dan Post Boots are made to the highest standards.  You can expect to always get top of the line footwear when you buy from Dan Post boots.

Dan Post Boots has a history of working to understand what it is that customers need.  This company knows that boot wearers expect high quality styles that are fashion forward, yet comfortable.  This leading company is committed to meeting your needs every step of the way and providing you what you need.

The boot company was founded in the 1960s with the goal to help customers find a better quality authentic western boot.  The company is part of McRae Industries and is located in Clarksville, TN.  The company uses factories around the world that are top rated boot manufacturers.  Dan Post Boots is considered a leader and on the forefront of innovations in the western boot industry. 

With built in comfort, every pair of the company’s boots are top of the line.  Dan Post Boots is well known for producing hand crafted boots with cushion comfort.  The trend towards producing the most comfortable boots has been a top concern within the industry for decades and Dan Post Boots has always stayed on the forefront of new developments.  The ultimate goal is to produce the best boots on the market.

The company is serious about producing the best boots in the industry.  Every pair of boots from Dan Post Boots meets strict quality standards.  They go through serious quality checks and inspections. The company understands that when you buy boots you look for comfort and expect the boots to be strong and durable. This is exactly the type of quality you can expect to get when you buy from this company.  The quality is superb and every detail is checked and rechecked so it is ensured to meet the strictest quality standards.

Dan Post Boots also sells two other top quality brands of boots.  The company markets and sells the Laredo and Dingo brands, along with the Dan Post brands.  Laredo is a top selling brand known for providing excellent value.  Laredo has affordable prices and authentic styles.  This brand provides boots for men, women and children in a range of styles from ropers to classic.  The Dingo brand, founded in the 1970s, is a competitive brand selling fashion boots.  Dingo focuses on staying on the forefront of style and provides casual footwear for men, women and children.

With the partnership of the Laredo and Dingo brands, Dan Post Boots can provide the best products in the western boot industry.  When you shop with the company you know you can get the styles you want in the perfect fit at affordable prices.  Value is always what you get.

With every boot sold, this company strives to create a loyal customer.  With the large customer base they have succeeding.  This is only due to the focus and dedication they have to making quality footwear.  Without such dedication the company could never survive in this competitive market.  Without loyal customers they would be unable to share their commitment and quality products that have become a staple in the western boot industry.

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