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Dingo Boots

Dingo Boots are beautiful and made to last. Dingo Boots are some of the finest cowboy boots for women made of only the finest materials.

Dingo Boots are some of the finest quality women's western boots. With stylish and quality construction using only the finest materials, Dingo Boots make a welcomed addition to any woman's shoe collection.


Dingo Boots is a company built upon a strong foundation of commitment to style and quality.  The company makes boots that you want to wear because they look good and also feel comfortable.  There is no reason to sacrifice comfort for fashion when you wear a pair of stylish boots from Dingo Boots.
The company was established in the 1970s and came onto the fashion scene with a bang.  Dingo Boots knew just how to make the perfect boot.  Offering customers a comfortable, affordable, yet fashion conscious boot, allowed the company to rise to fame.  The company quickly became a leader in casual footwear for men, women and children.  With a strong reputation for producing durable footwear with a stylish flair, Dingo Boots has been able to continue their success.
The main features of the company’s footwear is their combination of durability and style.  They are made of the highest quality materials and always with the comfort of the customer in mind.  A pair of these boots will last for years no matter how much use they see.  Dingo Boots flair for style has never been overlooked in favor of durability or comfort.  These boots have it all – style, comfort and durability.  It is a combination that can not be beat where you get the best value for your money.
Dingo Boots make some of the best cowboy boots for women.  In fact, their women’s line is probably the most popular line they have.  Women often find it difficult to find the right boot with a comfortable, yet stylish look and these boots hit both areas with every boot they make.  Dingo Boots can be worn anywhere, anytime.  They look as good with jeans as they do with dress slacks.  No matter the occasion, Dingo Boots fit the bill.
All this talk about the fashionable style and durability of Dingo Boots may lead you to believe they are expensive.  That is not the case.  The company actually make some of the most affordable boots on the market.  The price is designed to fit almost every budget so that anyone with a desire for a good boot can afford to buy a pair.
Besides a successful women’s line, Dingo Boots makes all sizes for men and children, as well.  They offer different lines in both cowboy boot style and motorcycle style.  All are made with the commitment to high quality footwear that you would expect from this company.
Dingo Boots is part of the Dan Post Boot Company.  The Dan Post Boot Company is just as committed to a good value as Dingo Boots.  Dan Post Boot Company is based on a tradition of providing high style western fashions that are comfortable and durable. 
The Dan Post Boot Company is located in Clarksville, TN and has years of experience at providing customers just the right boot for their needs.  They only sell the highest quality boots and find Dingo Boots to be just the right partner in meeting their goals and standing behind their commitment to their customers.  Through only the strictest of standards does the Dan Post Boot Company provide great boots to everyone.  If it doesn’t fit their standards then they do not sell it.
It is clear that Dingo Boots is a company committed to their customers.  You will never end up with a pair of this company’s boots that does not fit your needs.  With a range of styles and high quality standards, they will never let you down when you need a good pair of cowboy or motorcycle boots.

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