Frye Boots

Frye Boots

Frye Boots are produced with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Frye boots are offered in great styles such as Frye harness boots.

Frye has been crafting quality boots and footwear since 1863 and is one of today's most popular brands of boot. Frye Boots have grown to become a pinnacle fashion in footwear today yet is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. Frye boots are offered in a number of styles including Frye harness boots.


Frye Boots is an outstanding American icon in the footwear industry.  The name is known for fine craftsmanship and long lasting fashionable products.  Not only is this footwear something that will last through the years but it is also stylish.  You get a well rounded product with every purchase.  You can also trust in the Frye Boots name because it is a trusted company that holds the honor as the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States.

Frye Boots was founded by John A. Frye, a prominent English shoemaker, in 1863.  Frye Boots makes its footwear the same as it did back then.  It is bench crafted from the finest full grain leather uppers and genuine leather and premium rubber soles.  The process of making Frye Boots involves over 190 steps with attention to detail and a solid commitment to quality in each and every step.

Frye Boots have been a major part of American history.  Frye Boots were worn by solider on both sides during the Civil War.  They were worn by Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish American War.  Pioneers wore Frye Boots as they trekked across the country to start a new life in the west.  In World War II, General Patton and numerous soldiers relied on Frye Boots as well. 

Frye Boots has always been on top of style trends and focused on meeting the needs of the consumer.  The timeless style of a Frye Boot makes it something you can wear for years and years.  With the fine craftsmanship of each product your Frye Boots will last a lifetime, so it is good to know that they will never be out of style.

Frye Boots are available in a range of styles.  You will find something that works for you no matter what fashion trend you follow.  Boots come in everything from casual to dress and work for men, women and children.

No matter what fashion trend or need throughout the years, Frye Boots have been right there to fill the requests.  The quality has never faltered and the same dedication to making top quality footwear is alive and well today as the new owner of Frye Boots, Jimlar Corporation, continues to respect the values and craftsmanship that is the tradition of the company.

In 1993, Jimlar Corporation became the licenser for the company and then in 1998 they acquired ownership of the company completely.  Jimlar is a trusted company in footwear as well.  They were the pioneer in the industry in importing footwear to the United States.  Jimlar is the company behind many famous brand names in the industry, such as American Eagle and R.J. Colt. 

Frye Boots will continue to be a strong name in the industry, producing high quality boots and accessories.  The fine craftsmanship and outstanding products from Frye Boots will continue to dominate the market and be top sellers because there has not been, nor will there be a change in how they are crafted, the dedication to quality or the products used in crafting these fashionable and durable products.

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