Justin Boots

Justin Boots

Justin Boots are beautifully handcrafted boots made of only the finest materials with superior construction and design.

Justin Boots products are the fine result of extremely skilled craftsmanship. Justin boots and accessories possess a quality not surpassed by any other boot maker. Since 1879 Justin Boots has been constructing fine boots and accessories that provide awesome quality and comfort.


Justin Boots is a well known brand that is often thought of to be a rodeo brand of boot.  While the rodeo helped to make the company famous, it is the never failing commitment to quality and style that makes Justin Boots stand out from the rest.  Today, this company is one of the best known boot companies in the world.  Selling around the globe, the company is one of the most trusted and honored in the industry.

Justin Boots began as a boot repair business that worked on repairing boots for cowboys riding the Chisholm Trail.  This was in 1879 and it wasnít until 1925 that the company put down roots in Fort Worth, Texas as the Justin Boot Company.  Until 1925 H.J. Justin traveled the trail with the cowboys providing a dedicated service that was desperately needed.  He showed conviction for his work and commitment to providing boots that got the job done.

In the 1920s, the company made custom made boots.  Boots were fitted using a fit kit.  The fit kit worked off measurements of the length and width of the customerís foot.  The companyís first major boot was the Justin Roper.  This boot was developed for the Rodeo Cowboys Association.  It was a design taken from the existing Justin Wellington. 

The company has been passed down through generations, always keeping the same value for quality and excellence.  In 1999, the current Chairman of the Board of Justin Industries, John Justin, Jr. stepped down from his position.  The following year in August, the company was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway.

The company continues to grow and produce the products for which they have always been known.  The ideas and principals of the original company have been carried over with the new owners.  Founder H.J. Justin would be proud to know that the company still uses only the best materials and workmanship to produce the boots that bear his name.  Justin Boots is and always has been a standard of footwear that is made in the spirit of the West.

Justin Boots is known all over the world as being a dependable company producing durable, high quality boots.  The company produces boots for both men and women.  The styles available range from work boots to boots made for bull riding.  They also have unique styles, like snake proof boots and exotic materials like elephant, lizard and bison.  Every boot is made to last with features like steel toes and varied material soles.  There is a Justin boot for every occasion and every need.

When shopping for a boot, no matter your needs, you have to be serious about finding one that is well made, well designed and crafted from the best materials.  You also want to find a style that works for your needs.  Every boot wearer is different and Justin knows that.  They have worked long and hard to develop the styles that todayís boot wearer needs. 

The long standing history of this company and the commitment that never waivers are just part of the Justin tradition.  This company will never let a boot go out there, bearing its name, that is not up to its high quality standards.  That is just how Justin Boots operates. 

Changes in the company structure have never and will never make the boots any different than they were over a century ago when that first Justin boot was made.  There will always be a strong dedication to providing boots that last and stand up to anything while maintaining a great look.  Justin boots have a standard of excellence that is second to none.

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