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Lone Pine Leather

Lone Pine leather coats and jackets are made of only the finest leathers and furs. Lone Pine jackets are durable and stylish.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Lone Pine Leather coats and jackets. Discover what so many better specialty stores across the country have through-out our now twenty-two years in business - that Lone Pine Leather Designs offer very diverse Outerwear products, lines that include LONE PINE, CASTELLON, and CORITZIA, made exclusively in the USA with the finest European craftsmanship. Fashion retailers, known for the best in quality in all the merchandise they carry, are some of our wonderful customers. Stores in markets throughout the country, count on us, as one of their top-end product lines. Our goods, made for both men & women, are updated traditional styles with a modern edge, LONE PINE is designed with a casual, rugged elegance and urban sensibility, in leathers like Nubuck and suede in earth tones--a comfortable country look to wear in the city; CASTELLON is our cutting-edge designed line, with sophistication; and CORITZIA is a women's fashion group that addresses a wide choice of colors for city wear. All of our designs are timeless and very appealing to a wide-ranging demographic, from 25 to 65. The branded lines are comprised of full-length coats, 3/4 coats, short jackets, vests and other sportswear items. The raw materials we select for our products are among the top-rated in the world. The skins are infused with aniline dyes in the tanning process to give our leathers a richness and refinement not seen in many other lines. This process allows the soft, supple lushness of the skins to be the focus on each item--with an equally distinctive and attractive styling and great fit. We select colors that complement wide range of Ready To Wear apparel, always on target with the current season's palette, with a concentration on earth tones for LONE PINE and fashion colors in our CASTELLON & CORITZIA lines. That's not all we offer--yes, we concentrate our efforts on making very special, fine quality branded lines, with two innovative collections each year that will suit your upscale customer. But because we only manufacture what we sell, (cut to order) we can also offer a customized, exclusive merchandise capability. We can effectively listen to and develop products, so you can satisfy the particular needs of your discriminating customers with regard to styling, color, sizing and other ancillary issues. LONE PINE LEATHER is a very customer-oriented company. We would like the opportunity to service your leather outerwear/apparel needs. Please feel free to contact Sterling Leather at 1-866-315-0220 or 215-862-9669 and let one of our sales specialists assist you with your very special purchase.


Lone Pine Leather features product lines that are made for the everyday man or woman. This company has very strong values and makes a commitment to its customers to provide only the highest of quality in each and every product it sells. You will not be disappointed when you buy from Lone Pine Leather

Lone Pine Leather is based in California. This company makes all its products in the USA and is proud to be 100% American. The product lines from this company offer a selection of diverse outerwear products that are sold throughout the country in various stores.

The products from Lone Pine Leather can be summed up as luxury quality leather products that are durable and stylish. The styles are considered traditional with a modern flare. That makes for products that will never go out of style and that will not wear out too soon.

The three lines offered from this company are the main Lone Pine brand, as well as Castellon and Coritzia. The Lone Pine collection is an urban cowboy style, the Castellon collection is modern and posh, and Coritzia provides women's fashions with an emphasis on color choice. Throughout the collections the idea is to appeal to a large customer base, so there is something for everyone, no matter what their style preferences are. The collections carry a variety of styles from full length and 3/4 coats to short jackets and vests.

The materials used to create Lone Pine Leather products are all of superior quality. This company's products are rated as some of the best in the world. The skins used are infused with dyes to give the final product a rich, refined look. The skins are also soft enough to allow for the most perfect fit. Color choices are always based upon the season's colors to provide only the most modern choices.

Each year the company releases 2 special collections that cater to the upscale customer. These collections are specifically designed for sophistication and elegance. Innovative ideas and cutting edge style are always a focus.

Lone Pine Leather can make orders to sale. This means that they can easily take custom orders. If you are hard to fit, then this company can ensure you a perfect fit with their made to order products. You can specify everything from cut to color. This is one aspect for which the company is well known and something it is quite proud of. Being very customer oriented is part of the reason why this company is on top and will continue to be on top.

The combination of catering to the customer and providing the best designs and quality allows Lone Pine Leather to bring top notch service to each and every customer. A focus and commitment to providing only the best is how this company has cemented its place in the industry.

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