Lucchese 1883 Boots

Lucchese 1883 Boots

The full line of the Lucchese Boots 1883 collection available for both men and women. Enjoy the comfort and style of all that Lucchese has to offer.

The Lucchese 1883 Collection is appropriately named for the year the first boots were created by the Lucchese Company. In 1880 Sam Lucchese Sr. and his brothers came to America with a vision for a career in boot making. Three years later the Lucchese Boot Company was established in San Antonia, Texas. The traditional style of the Lucchese 1883 collection is handcrafted boots with that era in mind. Even though the Lucchese Company keeps that classic style in mind they still incorporate fashionable up to the minute styling for modern day lifestyles. These boots are built for comfort with a fit like no other. Once you slip on a Lucchese boot you'll know why they insist on only the finest leather, craftsmanship and design.


Lucchese is a well known name in the boot industry.  This boot brand was built from dedication and hard work.  Throughout its history it has always relied on a perfect fit to be the trademark of every boot line it produces. The Lucchese 1883 line lives up its expectations of quality and craftsmanship that you would expect from the Lucchese name.

The Lucchese Boot Company was founded in the late 1800's by Sam Lucchese Sr. in San Antonio, Texas around 1883.  The foundation of the company was the hard work and dedication that he put into his work.  He was focused on providing well made boots to his customers and this focus has remained with the company throughout the years.

In the 1960s, the company, ran by Sam Lucchese Jr., took boot making to new levels.  It was at this time that the company began to focus on the fit of a boot.  Lucchese Jr. began work examining the human foot and creating a boot that fit it naturally and perfectly.  From this was born the custom fit that Lucchese Boots is known for today.

With a fit so perfect, no other boot comes close to providing the comfort that Lucchese boots do.  That is combined with careful leather selection, cutting and construction to make a boot that exceeds expectations.  The boots from every line, including the Lucchese 1883 line, are made using the best leathers, and skins that are in the best possible condition.  The process of creating Lucchese boots is carefully and well thought out, ensuring that those fine leathers are turned into fine boots.  Every pair of boots is skived once by machine and then again by hand.  Each pair is also inspected two times by hand.

The Lucchese 1883 line is highlighted by a unique styling that brings together the old and new.  It brings a traditional look with modern flair.  It is easy to see the classic touches intertwined with the sleeker look you expect of a boot today.  This makes boots from the Lucchese 1883 line timeless and instant classics.  The line features boots in a western cowboy style for men and women.

You can expect only the best quality from the Lucchese 1883 line.  You get the expected high quality craftsmanship, finest materials and attention to comfort fit that you would expect.  This is why you buy Lucchese boots.  You expect the best and you get the best every time.  You will never be disappointed because this company continues to work on the strong foundation of dedication to the art of boot making and has a solid commitment to making the best fitting boots you will ever put on your feet.

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