Lucchese Classics

Lucchese Classics

Lucchese Boots are made of only the finest quality leathers for a durability that is unsurpassed. Full Line of Lucchese Collections

Lucchese footwear is handcrafted and has been since 1880. Every pair of Lucchese boots is crafted with only the finest quality leathers and materials, along with a meticulous finishing process, Lucchese footwear is one of a kind and possesses a quality not surpassed by any other.


Lucchese Classics is the showcase of the Lucchese brand.  This line of boots is made with the best fit you find and through the hard work and dedication of the Lucchese family it has become a top boot maker in the industry.  This company came from strong roots of dedication to the art of making a boot that fit the human foot like no other.  With such a strong foundation and idea, Lucchese is one of the best known names in the industry.

Lucchese is a company built upon traditional values.  This company has a focus of producing quality goods.  There is no doubt when you buy a product from this company that you are getting something made with the best materials and by the best craftsmen.  This comes from a  level of dedication that is very strong.  So strong, in fact, that this company has worked hard to define what makes the perfect fit.  Through careful examination of the human foot, the company has created a comfort fit that can not be found in any other boot line.

It is the comfort fit design that sets Lucchese apart from competitors.  Sam Lucchese Jr, worked very hard to study the human foot and create a boot that encompasses the foot.  This comfort fit design makes Lucchese Classics boots fit your foot like a second skin.

Lucchese was started in 1880.  Sam Lucchese Sr was only 17 when he came to America and it was a few short years later that he decided to start the Lucchese Boot company.  With its location in San Antonia, Texas, the company found it easy to cater to those travelers and cowboys in the area. 

Eventually, Lucchese’s grandson, Sam Lucchese Jr, took over the company and he started trying to find a way to make the company really stand out.  His idea was to make a boot that had a fit unlike any other.  After careful study of the human foot, he was able to create a one of a kind fit that the company is now known for.

The company has a commitment to the art of boot making.  It is through careful selection of the best leathers and hand crafting attention that keeps these boots on top.  Every boot has hand driven lemon wood pegs with a very careful boot finishing.  Every step is considered critical to the process of making a Lucchese Classics boot.

The unique designs and the very meticulous crafting of these boots takes extra tie and money but it is well worth it when the final product is something people love to slip their feet into.  Every boot is finished off with a careful hand inspection.  It is the hand completion of Lucchese Classics boots that ensures the perfect final results.

You can expect the best from a Lucchese Classics boot.  You will be completely happy with the product that you get and you will always be comfortable, which is the main goal, when you buy from Lucchese.

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