Nocona Wallets & Handbags

Nocona Wallets & Handbags

Since 1925, Nocona has specialized in making fine leather accessories and footwear. Their rich history in producing quality goods has solidified their reputation in the industry.

Nocona was founded by, Miss Enid Justin in 1925 who simply desired to continue her father's legacy of making western style boots. Although Nocona was originally founded as a boot company, they have since branched out into additional products. Today, Nocona is not just known for high quality boots but also wallets, handbags, buckles and belts for men, women and children.


Miss Justin’s beloved father, H.J. "Daddy Joe" Justin arrived in Texas in 1879 in hopes of providing his family with a better life and in search of the American dream that so many were striving to achieve. With just a pocket of change and a couple tools, "Daddy Joe” set up a boot repair shop that turned into a boot making shop.
The year was 1906 and Miss Enid Justin was only 12 years old. While most young girls at this age are busy worried about their hair or  the latest school gossip, Enid was more interested in working along side her father in his boot making shop. Each day Enid would listen as her father explained how he carefully designed his boots. Each one, handcrafted with a trained eye and steady hand. Daddy Joe would pass away twelve years later in 1918. While some family members decided to move the business to Fort Worth, and created the, Justin Boot Company. Enid stayed behind, remaining adamant that her father would want his business to stay in Nocona.

In the years that followed after her family moved, Enid did everything she could to keep the boot shop afloat. She barely survived by borrowing $5,000 and taking odd jobs and converting her home into a boarding house. Financial difficulties were not her only problem, it was the mid 1920’s and a female boss was unheard of. Miss Enid soon proved herself in the industry and gained the trust of many.

Miss Enid, along with her sister, traveled to West Texas in search of new customers. Roads did not exist in those early years. Only dusty, red cattle’s trails weaved through the Texas desert. But even the lack of roads didn’t stop Miss Enid from meeting new customers who were interested in her boots. Oil, had also just been found near Enid’s boot shop and this only increased her sales with so many in search of sturdy footwear.

While many years have passed since "Daddy Joe created his humble boot shop, his passion for creating quality leather boots from the finest materials lives on. Perfectionism has been passed down through the years and continues to be a presence within the factory in all that they accomplish. In 1981 the Nocona Boot Company partnered with Justin Industries (parent company of the Justin Boot Company) and the company and also family bond that had been broken so many years ago was united, only making the Nocona brand better and stronger.

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