Nocona Boots

Nocona Boots

Nocona Boots are durable, stylish and handcrafted with fine leathers for extreme comfort.

Nocona boots is one of today's most comfortable brand of western footwear. Since 1925 Nocona Boots has been creating some of the highest quality western boots and the brand is still a leading seller today!


Nocona Boots are fashion focused on personality, the boots are all stylish and fashion ready.  You can find a unique design that matches your personality because these boots are made with the fashion conscious consumer in mind.  In addition, every pair of boots from this company is high quality and well made, so you get an overall amazing value.

Nocona Boots is owned by the Justin Boots brand.  Justin Boots is a standard name in the industry and well known for selling only the best quality boots.  Justin Boots has a strong history in the boot making industry which dates back to 1879.  The founder, HJ Justin, built his boot empire on the idea of quality and style.  This foundation now provides Nocona Boots with the best backing in the industry, so that this brand is introducing some of the best boots on the market.

The Nocona Company was founded in 1925.  Enid Justin, daughter of HJ Justin of Justin Boots, started the company because she had grown up watching her father make boots and wanted to carry this on.  Her idea was to make western boots in the same manner with the same quality and with the same dedication as her father did.  She chose to start a new company separate from Justin Boots, which her brothers were running at the time.  Justin Boots was moved from Nocona to Fort Worth at the time of her fatherís death, but Enid felt that keeping a company in Nocona was important and thus her boot company was born.

She created this company to introduce amazing comfort fit and styles that would suit everyone. One of the most unique ideas to come from Enid was the 16 inch lace up boot, which swept the boot industry by storm. Nocona Boots are offered in a range of sizes to accommodate all shapes and sizes of the foot.  Sizes range from 3 to 16 and the widths available range from AAAA to EEE.  This is why this boot brand is best known for legendary fit.

When the two companies, Justin Boots and Nocona merged, the family came together once again and has been able to do justice to their fatherís memory.  Under the Justin name both brands have been on top of the industry and continue to produce the best boots in the industry every year.  There has never been a loss in those original ideas on which Nocona Boots was born.  As the two companies have come together, it has been even easier to build up the company and make it the best in its field.  The great ideas of Enid and her brothers, running Justin Boots, have produced boots that have revolutionized the industry and keep the art of boot making alive.

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