Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo Boots are vibrant with unique beautiful designs handcrafted from the world's finest leathers.

Old Gringo Boots are some of the most stylish women's western boots. Made with unsurpassed skill and craftsmanship Old Gringo Boots are construction using only the finest materials, Old Gringo Boots boast beautiful designs and extreme comfort. Old Gringo Boots add a contemporary flair to the time-honored handcrafted art of boot making.


Timeless, style and quality are the three words that sum up what you can expect from Old Gringo Boots.  With every purchase you know you are getting some of the best western wear on the market.  You have the guarantee of high quality and a choice in fashion forward styles that have a classic twist to ensure they will be something you can wear for years.

Old Gringo Boots has always been on the cutting edge of fashion.  This company works hard to stay a step ahead and bring you tomorrow’s fashions today.  This is not your average western wear.  The company has a unique blending of fashion trend with tradition to provide timeless pieces.

What makes Old Gringo Boots so special is really the care that goes into the creation of every product.  The goal of this company is clear.  The focus is on creating western wear made from the best materials at the hands of experienced and talented craftsmen.  There is a blending of many factors, like style, quality, comfort and value that makes these products stand apart from the rest.

There is a huge focus on craft and design.  Old Gringo Boots only uses the best craftsmen that have the skills to handcraft the best products on the market.  In addition, the designs of these products are exceptional.  The designers have a way to create a stylish design that is also steeped in traditional style and are timeless. 

The idea is to make this company a household staple.  Old Gringo Boots knows what their customers want.  This company listens to customer feedback so the new designs and styles of products are just what they want.  Additionally, the company only does business with respected retailers so their reputation for quality and value is never compromised.

The Old Gringo Boots Company was founded by Yan Ferry and Ernie Tarut in 2000.  The goal of these two was to create the best North American boot factory.  These two bring their unique talents together to create amazing products.  Yan Ferry is a well known boot maker and Ernie Tarut has over 30 years in the leather and wholesale industries.

Part of the appeal of these boots lies in the manufacturing process, every boot is made in a production process that includes over 130 steps.  Only skilled craftsmen, who have years at perfecting the craft of boot making, make these boots.  It is the combination of a very strict and exact manufacturing process along with the skills of those making the boots that makes these products a cut above the rest.

After opening the factory it only took 6 months for the company to build a collection that included traditional, vintage and retro styles.  These products and the company were a rapid success.  By 2002 there was a steady demand for the boots and this led to a new factory being built in Leon, Mexico to handle the demand.

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