Remy Leather Coats

Remy Leather Coats

REMY LEATHER can be customized by a Sterling Leather specialist who will personally assist with your purchase by calling 215-862-9669.

Although our web site offers a 5% discount upon check out with the use of a code, The Remy Leather Brand is NOT part of this offer.  The manufacturer has requested that ALL Remy product be sold for MSRP and cannot be offered for sale at a discount or a promotional price.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but our customer service and fine product offering will exceed all of your expectations.    

REMY LEATHER is the leading manufacturer of the finest leather coats, jackets and blazers made in the USA. Remy Leather has been in business making leather coats and jackets for over 35 years. During this time, Remy has maintained a reputation of manufacturing excellence. Sterling Leather is known for carrying the finest quality leather garments for men and women and Remy has proven to be one of our best selling brands. The coats, jackets and blazers are known for their outstanding styling, superb fit and impeccable detailing. By combining the tradition of European craftsmanship, design, finish innovations, and efficient domestic manufacturing, Remy has created something truly unique. Today, Remy Leather continues to thrive, pairing classic tradition with a fashion forward outlook. The company is proud of its exclusive status; delivering couture quality leather garments produced in its own domestic production facility; something no other designer or producer of quality leather apparel can claim. Please feel free to shop at Sterling Leather and have one of our sales associates personally assist you in selecting a size, skin type and style which will best suit your needs.


The Remy Leather reputation is built upon a solid history of excellence; this company is a top leather manufacturer in the industry and provides customers with products that last a lifetime.  The Remy name is known for fine quality goods and for providing products that showcase the company’s pride in what it does.  These products are something that is backed by an unwavering dedication to quality and meeting customer needs.

Remy Leather has been going strong for decades as a top company in the industry.  The products from Remy Leather are backed by a strong dedication to fine craftsmanship and superb styling.  The most impressive part of Remy goods are its details.  That lets you see the dedication to quality from this company and the dedication to making sure that every product is perfect, down to the last detail.

Bringing premiere couture leather goods to customers is what makes Remy Leather a top company.  Other companies like to put out over done styles, but this company gives you original ideas.  Every product is designed carefully down to the last details right in the United States.  This company likes to make every product something special and customers really appreciate this.

Remy Leather has been in business for over 35 years.  Throughout that time the company’s reputation for manufacturing excellence has remained strong.  Producing the finest leather apparel for men and women with the finest styling, best fit and attention for details, this company’s goods are sold throughout specialty stores is the United States.

The company was founded by Zoltan Remeny in 1971.  Remeny took traditional European leather making , designs and other innovations and paired that with efficient manufacturing to create unique products that thrive.  These products are a combination of traditional classic and innovative fashion designs.  No other designer can say they sell couture quality leather goods produced in a domestic facility. 

This company has continued to be a family business.  The priorities are still the same as they were in the beginning with a focus on style, fit and detail.  A new generation of the Remeny family runs every aspect of the company.  The company still maintains a high level of excellence in craftsmanship with an amazing attention to detail.  Every product is a professional and superb finished piece that will suit even the most distinguished tastes.

When you buy a Remy Leather product you will never be disappointed.  You can expect only the best because that is what you get with each and every product.  If you want leather products that are made to the highest qualities and that are perfect down to the smallest details then you want a product from this company.

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