Schott Leather Jackets

Schott Leather Jackets

Schott leather jackets coats and motorcycle gear is durable and made of the finest quality.

Since 1913 Schott Leather has been producing some of the worlds finest leather jackets, coats and motorcycle apparel. With skilled craftsmanship and only the finest materials Schott Leather products are durable, comfortable and extremely functional.


Schott Leather is a company with a very long history in the business of making true American products.  This company shows that American made means quality and style.  The products from this company are all high quality and classic.  This company sticks to its roots by focusing on making functional products that are durable.  Schott Leather is a name that will always mean American made quality.

Schott Leather brings you quality, American made products.  You can feel good knowing that you are buying a product made right tin the US.  You will also be happy to know that this company focuses on bringing the best quality possible through careful material selection and by using only the best trained craftsmen.  This company gives you options, style, quality and value, so you will always be happy with your purchase of Schott Leather goods.

This company prides itself for being all American and providing value that Americans desire.  This gives the company an edge, as a patriotic company Schott Leather infuses American culture into every product it makes.  This is not only a great idea that customers love, but it also helps set the company apart from competitors.  From the very beginning this company has had strong American roots that have kept it moving to the top of the industry.

Schott Leather is a true part of Americana.  Every product is made with quality and innovation in mind.  Schott jackets flew in WWII and were favorites of some of the greatest actors in history, like Brando and Dean.  Even the history of the company is infused with American culture.

The company was started in 1913 by Russian immigrant brothers, Irving and Jack Schott.  At that time the brothers were making raincoats in their Manhattan apartment.  They would then sell the jackets door to door.  It only took two years, though, for the brothers business to grow so large that they need to open a manufacturing facility.  It was at this time that the jackets were given the name the Perfecto.

By the 1920s the company was on top.  They were the first to put a zipper on a jacket and thus the innovation and the legend began.   It took no time for the brothers to focus in on the motorcycle as influence for the first motorcycle jacket.  This rugged and durable jacket soon became a top seller. 

When WWII became the attention of all of America, the brothers designed the bomber jacket for the air force.  They also provided the pea cost for the navy.  As the war came to an end, the brothers turned their attention to the newest thing taking over America - rock and roll.

This kind of innovation and fashion forward thinking has been what has kept this company on top.  Never missing a chance to bring America what they want, Schott Leather has always pleased customers with great designs and much needed new styles.  This is why this company has remained on top and why it became a staple of American history.

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