Smoky Mountain Boots

Smoky Mountain Boots

Smoky Mountain Boots are inexpensive, long-lasting, and trendy boots in both English and Western riding styles, and casual everyday looks.

The Smoky Mountain Boots Company has one of the largest selections of affordable cowboy boots in the western shoe industry. This unique line of boots was created due to a major demand in the marketplace. This western boot company listened to their valued consumers' opinions, and in turn they found a necessity for affordable and quality cowboy and cowgirl boots for today's active families. To give the customers what they were asking for this shoe manufacturer created low cost, comfortable, and durable boots for Men, Women, and Children. But Smoky Mountain Boots took their reasonable shoes one step further, and made a fashionable western boot that anyone would be happy to wear. Smoky Mountain boots are made with a rubber sole so they are waterproof and lined to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and dry. These boots come in a wide variety of colors and styles for everyone in your family, so click around and see all that this western boot company has to offer!


Smoky mountain boots are some of the most affordable yet well-made cowboy boots in the industry. These genuine leather boots are made for men, women, and children. This brand actually came to be because of one simple, yet important factor: Public demand. Consumers were constantly voicing their need for an affordable, well-made boot. Smoky Mountain answered their prayers.


Smoky Mountain makes boots that fall under three basic categories: Western, work, and English. Western boots are what we think of as the traditional cowboy boot with a snip toe and maybe some exotic snake skin. Work boots are traditionally a lace-up boot that is most often found to have a rubber sole, be waterproof, and maybe even have a steel toe. English riding boots typically have a lower heel, are lace up, and are made of a soft leather that is meant to hug the calf and ankle.


Smoky Mountain is an international company that distributes its boots throughout the United States, Canada, and various other countries. Known for their punctuality, Smoky Mountain also has one of the fastest order processing rates. In other words, Smoky Mountain usually has an order shipped no more than twenty four hours after receiving that particular order.


Another great quality of Smoky Mountain boots is the vast selection they offer in terms of styles, colors, etc. It is often hard to find a big selection for children when it comes to boots in general. Smoky Mountain has boots in every color, print, and style you could ever dream of for you child. Not to mention these boots make a great birthday gift for your little cowboy or cowgirl!


Adults love Smoky Mountain mainly for their comfort and affordability! Let's be honest, no one wants to pay three hundred dollars for a boot if they don't have to. Especially if you are looking to purchase a pair of boots for a special event or something you may only wear the boots once for. Nowadays, Western weddings are all the rage and if you're not a country fan you may only end up wearing the boots that day/night. Since you can't show up in heels you find yourself stuck wearing an expensive pair of boots. If this sounds like you then Smoky Mountain is the brand for you! Even though they are cheaper than other brands, they are still well made and cute. Be sure to check out the entire collection on our website.

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