Toe Warmers Boots

Toe Warmers Boots

When winter weather sets in, Toe Warmers Boots are the best solution for keeping your feet as warm, dry and comfortable as possible. Available in classic colors with elegant designs and stylish accents, these boots are the ideal choice for the cold.

Efficiency, style, neatness and simplicity - that is what Toe Warmers offer in a nutshell. When you are looking for boots that can stand up to even the most brutal winter weather, look no further than Toe Warmers. These boots are guaranteed to keep your feet happy and relaxed, so that they can take you from place to place even when the chill has set in.

Because the producers of Toe Warmers know that a cozy boot means nothing without a bit of panache, their team of designers has created a collection of boots that look stylish while keeping feet toasty. With a selection of elegant boots in neutral tones, the Toe Warmers range is ideal for the wearer looking for function and finesse.


Toe Warmers is a brand of boots designed for comfort and style in cold weather conditions. The label is owned by the TT Group, based in Glencoe, Ontario, Canada. Earl Lyons, a Canadian who had a penchant for developing socks that would keep the feet of his fellow Canadians warm and snug, established the TT Group in the early 1940s because there was a lack of efficient socks for cold weather. The company began its operations by manufacturing sock collections, including product lines such as Fabulous Fold-ups, Pussy Paws and Happy Hoppers. These sock collections rose in popularity in Canada, and the TT Group became a household name.

As winter weather in Canada can be vicious and hard on the feet, the company decided to approach the development and design of boots as well. Not only was the warmth of the boot important, but the function was integral, as the company wanted its customers to be able to go about their day-to-day business even in the chilliest of weather. With an interest in keeping their customers looking suave, the TT Group also realized the importance of adding fashionable touches to their designs.

The TT Group soon began offering several collections of footwear, including shoes, boots and slippers. Ergonomically designed to offer the best performance while keeping the wearer as comfortable as possible, the company was becoming recognized as a manufacturer of high quality, comfort shoes that don't compromise on style.

By 1990, the TT Group was growing and decided to join forces with the American Clinic Shoe Company, previously known as Juvenile Shoe, to provide quality shoes with comfort as the main feature of their products. In an effort to provide everyone across the North American continent with comfortable, functional and stylish shoes that could perform in even the nastiest of weather, the company launched its line of Toe Warmers boots for women.

TT Group's Toe Warmers are manufactured in the company's Canadian factory, while their other shoes, mostly comprising the Leather Comfort shoes, are made in US factories. Priding itself as one of the few shoe companies currently producing shoes exclusively within North America, the TT Group is truly a company steeped in the interests and heritage of this continent's people, skills and environment. It's easy to understand why the company can claim to make all of its shoes "with pride, quality and care."

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