Tony Lama Boots

Tony Lama Boots

Tony Lama Boots are durable and made for rugged hard work. Tony Lama Boots are the essence of western footwear.

Tony Lama Boots were first developed to survive the rugged El Paso desert terrain. Today Tony Lama Boots are still made in El Paso and still offer the same rugged toughness as they did in 1911. Every pair of Tony Lama boots are handcrafted, durable and the essence of quality.


With a long standing history in the boot making industry, Tony Lama Boots is a company that is in the business of producing the best footwear for their customers.  This company has been a leader in the industry and today is part of one of the best known names on the market, Justin Boots.  With such commitment and dedication to the craft of boot making, Tony Lama Boots is still making an impact on the industry.

Tony Lama first entered the world of boot making at the age of 11 in 1887.  He worked as an apprentice in Syracuse, NY.  This experience built up his skills and knowledge to allow him to further himself in the industry.

After his apprenticeship, he joined the US Cavalry and worked as a cobbler at Fort Bliss.  He decided to remain in Texas after completing his service.  He took the knowledge he gained while in the cavalry about the need for a good fitting boot and applied it t his career to create a new career path. 

In the beginning, his business was mainly doing repairs, but as word spread about the boots he had created, he began to see more and more business focused on his boot making skills.  The Tony Lama Western boot was a favorite for cowboys, ranchers and cavalrymen.  The first year in business his sold 20 pairs of boots.

Tony Lama Boots slowly transitioned to a focus on western boots as the cavalry was phased out of the army.  By the 1930s stores were starting to carry Tony Lama Boots.  The higher demand meant that Lama had to increase production.  He figured a way to do so without sacrificing the careful handmade quality.  At this time he also moved to a larger facility where 750 pairs of boots were being made every day.

After his death in 1974, his children took over the business.  There was no impact on the quality of the boots and the tradition was carried on.  In 1990, Tony Lama Boots became a part of Justin Boots, which is also known for high quality standards and superior craftsmanship. 

Tony Lama Boots partners with various organizations to provide boots and footwear.  The company has worked with the Untied States Team Roping Championship as the official boots for the organization.  The company even created a USTRC Collection especially for ropers.  Tony Lama Boots also works with the National Barrel Horse Association as the official footwear and as the official footwear for the NRS training center. 

Dedication and hard work have always been the foundation of this company.  It is no surprise that it has partnered with some amazing organizations and companies to bring high quality boots to those who need durable and comfortable footwear.  Consumers can get the same comfort fit and design from Tony Lama Boots sold wherever Justin Boots are sold.

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