Tony Lama Belts

Tony Lama Belts

Tony Lama Belts are modern western-style leather belts crafted for both men & women. With an updated look it's not your average leather belt!

Tony Lama Belts give off a "Wild West" feel for every occasion. The leather belts are made in El Paso, Texas. Tony Lama began to design his boots and belts with the desert, Indians and Cowboys themes in mind. Today, cowboys and cowgirls can both enjoy these western designs that will surely catch a few second looks. The genuine leather belt with studded details and embossed in contemporary design accents give the belts a modern and cool look. The Tony Lama Belts can also withstand any hard days work. With the durable leather billets and keeper, the belt can outlast any day on the ranch. But even if hard work isn't on your agenda for the day, you can still boot, scoot, and boogie in one of the classic western Tony Lama Belts. Silver novelty buckles like on the Ghost of Tombstone leather belt is a fresh look for line dancing on the dance floor or hanging out at the local pub. The novelty buckles are even detachable, so mix and match all you like and keep your style as unique as your personality. Tony Lama Belts also come in many colors with bright beaded accents. The Chimayo leather belts are designed with a Native American inspiration. The beading, colors and designs are a nice touch to any outfit.


Howdy partner! Straight out of El Paso, Texas Tony Lama belts are sure to country-fy any outfit. In terms of belts, it doesn't get much better than Tony Lama. Made in the United States, these belts are hand crafted to perfection and made from solid leather...No cardboard fillers here! Tony Lama belts are truly a one of a kind and a must have for everyone.


Most Tony Lama belts allow for the buckle to be swapped. You simply unsnap the leather below the buckle slide the buckle off and replace it with a new buckle of your choice. You could originally by a belt with a simple buckle and then purchase a more western buckle to replace it. Some people even buy buckles with their favorite musician's logo on them.


Tony Lama belts range in style. For the most part they have a very western feel. These belts are engraved or embossed with the traditional paisley pattern. Some may even have flowers embossed into their leather. Others are more ornate and have studs embedded into the leather. There are also more ornate belts in which actual crystal are placed into the leather in a particular pattern or arrangement. The options are endless.


Tony Lama belts are owned and manufactured by the same Tony Lama who makes the western boots. This company has been around for decades and has always been known for their quality. From horse shows to everyday use Tony Lama belts fit every occasion. People from all walks of life and with varying fashion preferences purchase these belts and recognize the undeniable sturdiness of the product.

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